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Flower Essences and Gem & Crystal Essences: Suggestions for March 2013

Open to Receive: Flower Essences

March is the last month in the zodiacal year and one in which we particularly feel the influence of the inflow of energies from the constellation of Pisces. In its highest form the watery influence of Piscean energy stimulates the fusion of the higher and lower self ultimately bringing about the end of the illusion of separation. So with this in mind we have decided to focus our essence suggestions this month on some combinations to help clear some of the most common issues that underpin the illusion of separation.

Possibly the most common of these issues is difficulty with self worth. Without conscious recall of our intrinsic value as part of the Whole the story has grown within us that we are somehow ‘not good enough’. As we start to clear the illusion of separation this ‘story’ begins to loom large in our awareness preventing us from moving forward. This could well be an issue that affects many this month so if this is your experience try either Feeling Worthy (transforming unworthiness) or Self Worth to promote a speedy release of these uncomfortable feelings. Judgement and lack of forgiveness are both issues that often go hand in hand with this issue of self-value so here are a few suggestions to help with these issues. Inner Freedom (releasing judgement) is a great combination to help release you from the restricting limitation of judgment, while Forgiveness (transforming guilt) will help to banish any feelings of guilt or lack of forgiveness. Consider either Self Acceptance (restoring unconditionality) or Thankfulness (developing gratitude) to follow on from any of these combinations to help you continue to expand your awareness of yourself as the multidimensional being of light that you are.

It goes without saying that an open heart is crucial if we are to overcome the illusion of separation since it is within the heart that we connect with the truth of who we really are. However, many of us have closed off our heart chakras in an attempt to avoid feeling the pain related to many incarnations spent in the illusion of separation. As we finally end this illusion we may well find ourselves needing to release old emotional pain as well as feelings of loneliness and isolation in order to open the heart fully once more. One of our favourite essences to help promote a quick clearance of old heart issues is Fuchsia from the Karmic Essences. We find this will very quickly shift old issues that are on the surface ready for release. Once these are cleared either a Heart Chakra, Unconditional Love or Open to Receive (creating abundance) would be very helpful to work with any deeper more embedded heart issues.

On a more general note here is a reminder of two of our Pure Vibrations Sprays that might be particularly helpful this month. Positive Vibrations to keep your energy field and environment sparkling and free of negativity and Energetic Alignment to help you stay aligned and connected with your higher truth.


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