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Flower Essences and Gem & Crystal Essences: Suggestions for October 2013

Inner Wisdom Essence

There is a great opportunity this month to take advantage of the impulses of energy flowing to us from the constellation of Libra to weave the all-important vibrations of balance and harmony more fully into the fabric of our daily lives. So with this in mind lets take a look at some essences that might assist us to expand this important platform over the coming weeks.

As we have mentioned above calmness in the emotions is a prerequisite for us to expand our experience of balance and harmony. We can all find ourselves in need of support with this from time to time because most of us still have those buried emotional triggers that cause uncomfortable waves in the emotional body to erupt from time to time. A good starting place here is the Emotional Body combination. This is particularly good to help clear those old, often unconscious, triggers out of the emotional body. For support with more general emotional stability we suggest either Emotional Balance restoring emotional stability or a Solar Plexus Chakra combination.

Balance in our inner polarities is fundamental to our ability to maintain consistent balance and harmony in our everyday life. There are two important polarities in this respect; the one between our inner masculine and feminine energies and the one between personality and soul. A degree of unity and integration between the inner male and female is necessary as a platform from which to bring greater balance to the soul/personality polarity. So here are some suggestions for essences to assist with balancing these important inner polarities. Firstly, look to see whether you feel more comfortable in your feminine polarity than your masculine polarity or vice versa. Use either Female Essence strengthening feminine or Male Essence strengthening masculine to strengthen whichever you identify as the weaker polarity. Then choose either Inner Unity male/female integration or Integration to help promote greater balance and integration between the two energies in this polarity.

Bringing greater balance to the soul/ personality polarity is more often than not a case of moving the focus away from the personality and allowing yourself to move into the heart where you can remember more easily that you are soul having a human experience. Choose either Inner Wisdom, connecting heart & mind Soul Connection enlightenment or Soul Gifts infusing soul qualities into daily life, to assist you to create this shift of perspective.

Other issues that can very effective at limiting our ability to maintain a state of balance and harmony in our lives are those of judgement, lack of forgiveness and lack of self-value. If any of these issues come into your awareness this month remember to be kind to yourself and recognise that they are simply old energies coming into awareness for release. Choose Inner Freedom to dissolve the habit of judgement, Forgiveness to release feelings of guilt & lack of forgiveness and either Feeling Worthy or Self Acceptance to restore a sense of self-esteem.


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