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Flower Essences and Gem & Crystal Essences: Suggestions for April 2013

Chakra Essences

It is becoming increasingly important that we pay attention to the quality of our thoughts, not just in this month where there is a particular emphasis on the realms of mental activity, but with an ongoing focus of attention. The frequencies are rising fast on our planet now and the time lag between thought and manifestation is decreasing proportionately, so it is perhaps good to keep in mind that the increased speed of manifestation applies equally to those thought forms that are clear and aligned as it does to those that are less so. With this in mind we have decided to use this month’s essence suggestions to highlight some combinations that will provide support around this important issue.

Firstly for those who feel a need to clear away the debris of old thought forms and beliefs we suggest a Mental Body essence. This is a powerful combination of essences that will not only clear away old thoughts and beliefs that are conscious, but will dig deep into those unconscious beliefs that you hardly know are there, yet nonetheless influence your reality.

Many people go into a state of mental confusion when faced with new choices or the possibility of a new direction in life. This is particularly relevant now as there are many new possibilities available to us but they can only be perceived from the expanded perspective of the higher mind. This means that we must cultivate the art of allowing inspiration to flow from the higher mind into the concrete lower mind. The uncomfortable state of confusion that we can sometimes experience arises when we close off this flow, often through fear, and end up not able to ‘see the wood for the trees’ endlessly circulating a problem or issue through the lower mind. As Einstein sagely reminded us, the solution to our problems is always found at a higher level than the problems themselves. Clarity and inspiration is what is required to clear away the fog of the lower mind so that we can see clearly. Anyone who resonates with this scenario this month will find either Clarityreleasing confusion or the Clarity and Perspective Sprayclearing confusion, extremely helpful.

Other vibrations that are often stimulated by the fiery energies of Aries are those of impatience and frustration. These energies can particularly arise when we have registered the impulse to action that Aries brings to the fore but for some reason do not feel able to fully initiate a response. This is likely to be particularly strongly felt in those whose personality makeup includes these vibrations at a core level. Another way that these two vibrations can manifest when the influence of Aries is particularly strong is as a tendency to take sudden and impulsive action that is not always clearly thought through. For anyone who recognises either of these states we suggest a bottle of Restoring Patiencetransforming impatience, or Stillness to help.

When the mental body is stimulated, as it will be this month, any imbalances in the solar plexus and brow chakras tend to become more obvious to us so you might like to check out whether either a Solar Plexus or a Brow Chakra combination might be helpful for you.

Bach Flower Remedies

Lastly we will end with a reminder of some Bach Flower Remedies that might be particularly helpful this month – White Chestnut to calm an over active mind, Vervain for those who find themselves over stimulated by the fires of Aries and last but not least, Scleranthus to help with maintaining balance and focus.


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