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Flower Essences and Gem & Crystal Essences: Suggestions for May 2013

Creativity Flower Essence

It will be important this month that we each choose to stay very firmly connected to the wisdom of our hearts and clear in our personal choice of vibrational frequency. To be fully comfortable with this however, we may well find that we first need to release ourselves from the collective belief that our safety lies in conformity to what the outer world dictates as ‘truth’. For most of us this has created an insidious and often unconscious pattern of allowing events in our outer world to influence our actions and decisions in order that we feel safe and appear to ‘fit in’. However if we are to actively follow the wisdom of our hearts we must be able to operate comfortably in our own unique, creative flow without feeling the need to compromise. For many the discrepancy in vibration between the old habit of conformity and the inner knowing in the heart is becoming increasingly obvious as well as uncomfortable, so with this in mind we thought we would highlight some essences this month that might provide support in this situation.

Firstly lets look at the issue of creativity, an essential component in living fully in our own truth yet still a difficult issue for many.  The norm for most of us growing up was that we were told what to do and actively dissuaded from exploring our own creative abilities, with the result that we simply shut off much of our creative flow. It is very important that we now reconnect with our creativity because we cannot fully follow the promptings of our hearts without using it. So for anyone wishing to free up creative expression this month we suggest a large bottle of our deep acting essence combination Creativity restoring individuality.

Doubt and uncertainty are two issues that can very effectively block our ability to hear our own inner wisdom. ‘I am not sure’, or ‘what if I get it wrong’ are common excuses we make to ourselves for not listening to our heart and taking the necessary actions to move forward. For anyone who resonates with this very common state we can thoroughly recommend either a bottle of Inner Certainty; transforming doubt, or Faith to help.

Other issues that often come to the fore when we choose to follow the wisdom of the heart are a lack of self-appreciation and a noisy inner critic. Anyone needing support with these issues will find either Self Acceptance; restoring unconditionality, or Inner Freedom; transforming judgement helpful.

Lastly we will leave you with a reminder of two of our Pure Vibrations Spray combinations that might be particularly helpful this month. Firstly the Heart Connection spray to help keep you open and receptive to the wisdom of your heart and secondly our best selling Positive Vibrations spray to help keep your energy field and environment sparkling fresh and free from negativity.

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