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Flower Essences and Gem & Crystal Essences: Suggestions for November 2013

Chakra Essences

The energies of Scorpio tend to have a particularly strong impact on our emotional ‘underworld’ so it will be particularly important this month that we to give ourselves enough time and space to recognise what is coming up so that we can own and release it. Although this is essentially a simple process it can be easy to get bogged down in it if we start to believe in the ‘reality’ of the emotions we are re experiencing in the process. You will know that you have got a bit stuck if you find that the issues appear to be outside of yourself rather than simply a part of your own inner process. In this situation some well-chosen essences will be invaluable to help you move on quickly and easily

So with this in mind we thought that we would focus this month’s Essence Suggestions on some combinations to help with some of the issues that make it particularly difficult for us to own our own ‘stuff’. Possibly one of the most important but often unrecognised issues in this respect relates to a lack of humility, a vibration of pride or superiority in the personality that needs to be brought into awareness and balance. Pride can be difficult to recognise from within because it is at root a defence pattern created by the personality to make it feel safe. However it is an issue that must at some time be faced by all of us because it is a false vibration that keeps us separate from our true self. It also makes it very difficult for us to be honest and truthful enough with ourselves to fully own our issues. We can also find ourselves needing to be right, easily undervaluing the contribution of others or experiencing difficulty knowing ourselves as a part of the whole when this is an unconscious issue. We can thoroughly recommend several bottles of Humility; transforming pride, superiority & separation for anyone who feels the need of support with this issue. Male Essence; strengthening masculine, Heart Chakra, Feeling Worthy transforming unworthiness and Self Acceptance restoring unconditionality would also provide further support for this issue if required.

The ability to detach emotionally is also very important if we are to be able to be objective about our issues, however strong low frequency emotions like blame, anger, fear or judgement will make this very difficult to achieve. So for support with any of these issues check out Self Responsibility; transforming resentment, Inner Peace transforming anger, Inner Calm; transforming fear or Inner Freedom transforming judgement to help.

Last but not least we will remind you of two of our favourite Pure Vibrations Sprays that might be particularly helpful this month. Harmony & Tranquillity; promoting balance to help to quickly calm turbulent emotions and quell unruly thoughts and Strength & Courage overcoming fear to help you stand firmly in the light of your own truth.


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