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Flower Essences and Gem & Crystal Essences: Suggestions for August 2013

Open to Receive

The flow of energy this month will provide a wonderful expansive opportunity to break with old habits and to explore new dimensions of possibility. The expansive consciousness of Leo energy will be stimulating your ability to ‘think’ with the heart and encouraging you to embody the leonian principles of Love and Freedom as living vibrations of the heart rather than mental concepts.

The heart has its own consciousness and we all have the ability to use this consciousness or to ‘think’ with the heart, even if we do not always choose to use it. To be able to enter the consciousness of the heart we must be willing to see ourselves as belonging to the whole, an integral part of the heart of all things. Many of us hold this understanding as a mental concept but do not allow ourselves to enter fully into the experience of actually living this reality. Within the consciousness of the heart we find vibrations of joy, unconditional love, acceptance, gratitude, inclusiveness and freedom, wonderful expansive vibrations that we would all choose to have more of in our lives. To be able to remain in these vibrations we must be prepared to embody them as living vibrations, something that we feel at the core of our being. This can be a challenge all the time we hold onto conflicting, incompatible vibrations, so with this in mind we have decided to use this month’s Essence Suggestions to focus on some essences that can help to clear away some of these more unhelpful vibrations.

Lets start with three of the most common states that block our ability to live fully within the consciousness of the heart; unworthiness, lack of forgiveness and lack of self acceptance. For support with these issues we suggest one of the following deep acting combinations, Feeling Worthy transforming unworthiness, Forgiveness transforming guilt or Self Acceptance restoring unconditionality. Often these issue become so layered together that it is difficult to disentangle them, so in this situation just choose the one that feels the most prominent to work with first.

One of the best vibrations that we know for expanding the consciousness of the heart is that of gratitude or thankfulness. If you would like some energetic support to bring this vibration more fully into your awareness this month we can thoroughly recommend our Thankfulness, developing gratitude combination.

Other essences that would be helpful to assist with expanding the consciousness of the heart this month are the Heart Chakra combination, Open to Receive, creating abundance or Inner Wisdom, connecting heart & mind.

One of the issues that can sometimes arise in a strong flow of Leo energy relates to the right use of balanced masculine energy. So if you find yourself feel overly competitive or experiencing an unusual strong need to be right this month take a moment to breath and step back from whatever has triggered the situation. Male Essence, strengthening masculine is the essence you need in this situation to help promote greater balance.

Lastly, here is a reminder of two of our Pure Vibrations Sprays that might be particularly helpful this month, Heart Connection to help you stay more fully in the consciousness of the heart and Positive Vibrations to help keep your energy field and environment sparkling clear and free from negativity.


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