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Flower Essences and Gem & Crystal Essences: Suggestions for July 2013

Open to Receive Combination

With the focus this month so much on the need for us to expand our capacity to radiate our inner light into the world, we have decided to use this month’s Essence Suggestions to highlight essences that are particularly supportive for this process.

Because our physical bodies are by far the densest and slowest vibrating aspect of ourselves they often do not respond quickly to the need for change. As a result many of us are currently struggling to cope with the requirement to assimilate and integrate more light into the physical body, a situation that is causing a variety of uncomfortable ‘symptoms’. 

So our first suggestion this month is for our Inner Light  – opening to the light combination. We were guided to create this combination a few years ago and it has proved to be an excellent combination, that works at a deep level to remind the body and its energetic structure how to absorb and use the regenerative properties of light. The etheric body, which is the blueprint for the physical body and closely connected to it, can also become overburdened with the process of change. This can lead to a general feeling of being rather worn down, or perhaps a sense of being off centre or unusually over sensitive. In this situation an Etheric Body essence might be just what you need to pull you back into alignment.

The central issue for most of us lies in the need to open the heart more fully so that we can expand our capacity to radiate love and light. The ability to both give and receive are important issues here, and in particular we must be willing to receive love for our self. We cannot be a radiant source of love and light in the world if we do not first receive it, however it is interesting to note how many people try to do just that! Open to Receive; creating abundance, Heart Chakra, Unconditional Love, Self Acceptance; restoring unconditionality and Thankfulness; developing gratitude would all be supportive combinations to help you expand your capacity to give and receive love.

When we have a very active, busy mind and a life style that keeps us constantly on the go, stilling the mind enough to enter into the quiet peaceful space within the heart can seem to be a challenge. If you resonate with this scenario remember to take time to breath yourself into the present moment often and try a bottle or two of our Inner Harmony; relaxation combination to help you relax and let go.

Lastly we will leave you with a reminder of another combination that might be particularly helpful this month, Inner Wisdom; connecting heart & mind. This is one of our favourites and is a wonderful combination to help open and stabilise the connection between the heart and higher mind, assisting you to connect more fully with your innate inner wisdom.



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