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Flower & Gem Essence Suggestions for February 2015

Sacral Chakra Essence

Sacral Chakra Essence

This Essence combination is all about creativity, emotions and sexuality.

Its helpful for those who feel difficulty expressing their sexuality or creativity; perhaps experiencing out of balance emotions, anger, frustration, or impatience.

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In this month’s blog post Opportunity and Challenge in Aquarius we have discussed the impact of the growing Aquarian influence on our world, recognising that it is bringing us both opportunity and challenge in equal measure.

We have noted that many people are finding it difficult to stay open, grounded, focussed and present in a world where we have instant access to events ranging from beautiful and uplifting to terrifyingly horrific.

So in this month’s Essence Suggestions we have focussed on essences that can help us to meet with this challenge from a place of power and positivity.

When we are experiencing discomfort with something, whatever it might be, we must first look at what we are unconsciously holding onto that is creating the resistance. There are several old belief patterns working out in the situation we are considering here. The first one is a belief that we are powerless to influence the world around us and that our salvation lies in an authority based outside of ourselves. This is a belief that has been well enforced for many lifetimes and which is at the root of that uncomfortable feeling that many people have of being at the mercy of outer world events.

A particularly common response to this situation in the past has been to try to limit our exposure to fearful and difficult experiences by disconnecting emotionally and physically. This automatic response mechanism is very unhelpful when it comes to dealing with our current situation.

In order to see the perspective that will allow us to function from place of unity, power and positivity we need access to the wisdom of our soul and multidimensional self. This is readily available to us now but is only consistently accessible when we stay present and fully engaged with life physically, emotionally and mentally. So if you are feeling a little overwhelmed start by checking out your foundations. Physical grounding is clearly fundamental here so for those needing support with this issue we suggest either a Base Chakra Essence, Earth Connection or Earth Star to help. Strengthening the etheric blueprint can also be very helpful where there has been a long term tendency not to inhabit the physical body fully. In this situation choose the Etheric Body Essence to help.

Buried fears are often the root cause behind difficulties staying in the physical body so here is a reminder of some essences that can help transform this old vibration; Inner Calm; transforming fear, Pink Rose, or Feeling Safe; trusting life.

Giving permission to ourselves to feel what we feel without restriction is the basis of solid emotional foundations. From this comes the ability to observe our emotions with clarity and to choose how we will respond in any given situation. For support to release old buried emotions that are restricting your emotional freedom, chose either Emotional Body, Sacral Chakra or Spontaneity; freeing the inner child.

Old beliefs sitting in the lower mental body create a wobble in our mental foundations until released and transformed. Choose either a Mental Body or Clarity; releasing confusion for support here.

The flow of Aquarian energy is currently offering us a wonderful opportunity to embody our soul power and to live our lives from the perspective of that consciousness.

Once we have established a more stable foundation it is easier to remember that ‘unity’ does not mean absorption into the vibration of mass consciousness. However, emotional drama can be both addictive and seductive so we need to stay alert and aware of the vibrational frequencies that we choose to hold within our own energetic system if we are to avoid being pulled into it simply through habit. Both the Solar Plexus Chakra and Auric Protection (Creating Safe Boundaries) combinations can provide helpful support here.

The flow of Aquarian energy is currently offering us a wonderful opportunity to embody our soul power and to live our lives from the perspective of that consciousness. Simply by doing this we provide a consistent vibration that becomes a powerful catalyst for positive change in the world. So finally here are some suggestions for essences that offer support with this; Causal Body, Soul Connection; enlightenment or Inner Wisdom; connecting heart & mind.


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