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Flower Essence Suggestions for September 2016

Essence Suggestions to help with the Energies through September

Healing Abuse Essence

Healing Abuse Essence

This powerful combination is an excellent support for anyone working with issues related to abuse. It helps to dissolve the vibrations of trauma & shock and to release any ‘victim’ patterning. It also helps to promote courage, compassion and forgiveness, so that you are free to make new choices in your life.

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September’s energy flow has the potential to provide us with some more of those interesting ‘opportunities for change’ that seem to be so prevalent right now. Under these circumstances the ability to see the bigger perspective can be a great asset, so in this month’s Essence Suggestions we have decided to take a look at some essence combinations that might help us to do this more easily.

To be able to see the bigger picture of anything, we have to stand back from the situation enough to disentangle ourselves from what has been triggered within, so that we can own what is ours.

Currently there are many old deep patterns that relate to our ancestral lines being brought to the surface for release. These can feel extremely real to us in the moment they are triggered off, however keep in mind that old wounding has nothing to do with you as your true self and will clear away as you disentangle yourself from it.

Integrating Feminine Energy


In the flow of Virgo energy this month there could well be issues arising for many of us around greater integration of our feminine energy. Inevitably this will require review and release of the many old limiting stereotypes that have become connected to the feminine aspect of life down the ages. Many in incarnation now have a soul purpose that includes the anchoring of the divine feminine energy into their life experience. However, these same souls have also guarded and protected the feminine principle over many lifetimes, so much so that now it can feel ‘unsafe’ to allow this energy more visibility in the world. There are many threads woven into the ‘story’ of feminine energy so let’s start our Essence Suggestions this month with some essence combinations that might help with the release of some of the more common ones. Firstly, for those who find it difficult to connect with their feminine energy we recommend a bottle or two of our Female Essence to help promote greater balance. Usually this pattern stretches back through our female ancestral line so also consider a bottle of Mother to follow on with, particularly if you have had a difficult relationship with your own birth mother.

Balancing Male & Female Aspects


Lack of balance between the male and female aspects of life has led to great difficulty in relationships, often causing great emotional pain and scarring in the process. To move forward into greater balance, we have to release this old pain because it will otherwise keep us stuck in old ways of relating. Choose either Letting Go or Healing Bereavement to support you with this process. Unfortunately, abuse and subjugation of the feminine is a deeply engrained pattern in the template that we are now dissolving. If you find yourself connecting with any of this old energy this month, then our Healing Abuse combination might be just what you need to help you release and move on more easily. Forgiveness; Healing Family; or Healing Relationships might also be helpful for some as a follow on. Relationships in the new unity template will be based on an internal balance of female and male energies within each partner, something that is currently a work in progress for most of us. Choose Inner Unity to help promote greater balance and unity between your inner female and male energies.

Fear & Judgement

Strength & Courage Essence

In any process of change the vibration of fear can easily become a distraction from the bigger picture of what is really happening, so here are a few suggestions to help dissolve this old energy; Inner Calm; Courage or Strength & Courage Spray.

Virgo energies can also have a tendency to bring to the fore those pesky self-defeating patterns based on criticism and self-judgement. These definitely belong to the old template and simply need dissolving with as much loving acceptance as we can allow for ourselves. Choose either Inner Freedom or Self Acceptance to help with this.



Choosing Your Essence – if there is a specific issue that you would like help with that has not been mentioned above, please use our Essence Selector or give us a call/ email for some help and advice.


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