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Some Helpful Flower & Gem Essence Suggestions for March 2014

Base Chakra

During March and for the next few months the energy flow will be directing our focus strongly into any areas where change is needed before we can align fully with the new template for life. It will therefore be important that we pay careful attention to the choices we are making for ourselves particularly in terms of where we put the focus of our attention and also the quality of the vibrations that we entertain in our energy field. One of the keys to success with this will be our ability to ground ourselves on all levels so with this in mind we going to start this month’s Essence Suggestions with some combinations that could provide support for this important issue.

Most of us are aware of the importance of grounding our physical body but many still struggle when it comes to achieving this consistently. The unconscious belief that it is not safe to come fully into physicality is usually at the bottom of this problem. It is also something that is very much a part of the old Piscean illusion that we are now letting go of. Fear is the main problem here so for anyone who finds this issue coming into greater prominence this month we suggest either a 25ml Inner Calm; transforming fear, or Feeling Safe; trusting life, followed by a 25ml Base Chakra combination to help.

The next stage of grounding that we need to look at is our ability to anchor our soul vibration into our everyday consciousness. This is important because this is who we truly are and we will need this vibration as an anchor point as we allow anything that does not resonate with it to unravel and release over the next few months. We can feel the connection to our inner core self most clearly when we are in the stillness of the heart so here are some suggestions for essence combinations that can help to expand this all important point of contact in one way or another. The most obvious choices here are either a Heart Chakra or a Higher Heart Chakra combination. However you might also like to check out the Rose Collection combinations: Awakening the Heart, Heartfelt Forgiveness, Purity of Heart & Unconditional Love for some alternative possibilities to help you stay focussed in the heart this month. Choose either the Soul Connection; enlightenment or the Inner Light; opening to the light combination to help you integrate more soul awareness into your everyday consciousness.

Maintaining a positive focus and paying attention to the quality of our thoughts and emotions will also be important this month. However this could be challenging if you find it difficult to separate your thoughts and emotions from those of the people you live and work with. In this situation an Auric Protection Spray might be just what you need to keep you firmly in your own energetic space so that you can make the choices that most benefit you.  The ability to think clearly and to keeping your energy field clear of negativity will also be important this month so we will leave you with a reminder to choose either the Clarity & Perspective Spray or the Positive Vibrations Spray to help with these issues.


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