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Essence Suggestions for July 2016

Essence Suggestions to help with the Energies through July

Violet Flame Essence

Solar Plexus Chakra Essence

This combination is all about self-definition, personal power, will and positive emotional expression. Useful if you feel: oversensitive or too open to others, or have a sense of vulnerability, lack of self worth or issues with personal boundaries, anger or emotional neediness.

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As we have discussed in our recent blog post Response versus Reaction, the ability to respond rather than react is a theme likely to be highlighted by the current energy flow so we have decided to start this month’s Essence Suggestions with some combinations that can provide practical support with this.

Personal Space

Having a strong sense of your own personal space is a very important part of this process because without this it is difficult to make discerning choices. Anyone needing support with this would find a Solar Plexus Chakra combination extremely helpful. Also consider an Auric Protection Spray to help diminish the effects of over sensitivity to others thoughts and emotions so that you can determine what is actually yours and what is not.

Being at Peace with Yourself

Staying in touch with ourselves and being at peace with our own emotions are also important elements in the ability to make discerning choices. For support here choose either an Emotional Body or a Mental Body essence to help transform any emotions or thoughts that seem less than positive. Our Positive Vibrations Spray; cleansing negativity could also be used to great effect both in your own auric field and your environment.

Survival & Insecurity

Survival fears and issues relating to lack and insecurity often surface in a magnified flow of Cancerian energy so if this is your experience this month you might like to check out Base Chakra, Inner Calm; transforming fear, Feeling Safe; trusting life & Open to Receive; creating abundance to see which combination would best support you.

Love and Emotional Need

Cancer Star Sign

The energies of Cancer can also highlight issues from the past and particular those that relate to our home and family. Many of our deeply embedded patterns (old wounding) come through the family line that we chose to incarnate into and in the energy flow this month we could find ourselves revisiting some of these old issues. Perhaps some of the most uncomfortable emotions that can arise in this situation are those that relate to past losses, a perceived lack of love, emotional insecurity and a sense of our needs not having been met. In our experience one of the most effective combinations to help transform these old disempowering vibrations is our Letting Go; dissolving attachment combination. Healing Family; resolving family issues, Family or Birth might also be very helpful combinations to follow on with.

Soul Connection

Lastly for those who would like support to help them absorb and embody more of their soul vibration we suggest either Soul Connection; en-lightenment, Inner Wisdom; connecting heart & mind, Thankfulness; developing gratitude, or Inner Light to help.



Choosing Your Essence – if there is a specific issue that you would like help with that has not been mentioned above, please use our Essence Selector or give us a call/ email for some help and advice.


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