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Essence suggestions for September

Flower Essences

It is clear that the more we can stay in our hearts the easier we will find it to engage with the waves of love that we will be experiencing this month. However, as wonderful as this might sound the intensity of the energy is likely to highlight all those issues that prevent us from fully opening our hearts. Perhaps two of the most common of these are old emotional pain and buried grief. Either Healing Bereavement or Letting Go  (Divine Harmony Essences) would be very supportive combinations under these circumstances. Other common issues that block the heart are resentment and lack of forgiveness. We can thoroughly recommend both Self Responsibility and Forgiveness from the Divine Harmony Essences to help with these issues.

On a more general note Open to Receive (Divine Harmony Essences), Unconditional Love (Rose Collection) or Fuchsia (Karmic Essences) would be very supportive for many this month. 

For those who wish to enhance their ability to enter the expanded awareness of the heart through deeper meditation, either Inner Focus (Divine Harmony Essences) or Stillness (Inner Child Essences) would be helpful.

If you find it hard to easily engage with the lighter side of life then you might find that a Spontaneity combination (Divine Harmony Essences) is exactly what you need to help you connect with the playful nature of your inner child.

For each of us there are particular emotional issues that can have a tendency to take us out of the more expanded awareness of the heart and drop us into a place where we temporarily ‘lose the plot’. Possibly top of the list in this respect is the old favourite, fear, so we thought that we would just remind you how supportive either Inner Calm (Divine Harmony Essences) or Courage  (Inner Child Essences) can be to help with this issue. You can also check out the Core Emotions Set from the Divine Harmony Essences for more help with other lingering emotional issues this month.

Angel Essences

Last but by no means least we would like to invite you to engage the help of the Angels this month. Each of the twenty essences in our beautiful set of Angel Essences will help you to bring more high frequency energy into your everyday life. So why not enlist the help of the Angel of Love, Joy or Peace to help you stay focussed in your heart, or request assistance from the Angel of Forgiveness, Mercy or Tranquillity to help you experience a new perspective on the issues of your everyday life.

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