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Essence suggestions for October

Divine Harmony Essences

Our first essence suggestion this month is for all those who face the idea of needing to make change with a hint of resistance or trepidation. New Horizons (Divine Harmony Essences) is an excellent essence for anyone who would like help to initiate or support themselves through a process of change.

Another issue that comes to the fore for many people during times of change is the need for emotional detachment. Often it is simply old emotional attachments that keep us stuck in old situations long after we have really understood the associated lessons. If you find yourself needing help in this area then treat yourself to a bottle of Letting Go (Divine Harmony Essences). This is an old favourite of ours and is a really excellent essence for anyone who is finding it difficult to detach emotionally from an old situation or relationship.

Doubt is an issue that comes to the fore for many people when their comfort zones are challenged. If you find yourself in this uncomfortable situation we can thoroughly recommend a bottle of Inner Certainty (Divine Harmony Essences) to help you regain your innate inner knowing. Inner Strength (Divine Harmony Essences) is another favourite of ours when we find ourselves suddenly needing to boost our will power or determination to face up to a particular challenge.

Fear is often the emotion hiding away at the bottom of many of our old issues so we will just remind you how helpful either Inner Calm (Divine Harmony Essences) or Courage (Inner Child Essences) can be to help transform the darkness of fear into the light of new perception.

Since integration is very much a theme this month lets look at some essences that might be helpful here. There are two particularly important areas of integration that we are all currently working on in one way or another. One is the integration of our inner masculine and feminine energies so that they work together in a balanced and harmonious way. The other is the integration of more soul awareness into our everyday personality. Either Integration (Rainbow Lightbody Essences) or Inner Unity (Divine Harmony Essences) will help with male/female integration, while Soul Connection (Divine Harmony Essences) or Soul Star (Rainbow Lightbody Essences) will help create greater soul fusion.

Last but not least just a reminder that either the Angel of Transmutation or the Angel of Purification (Angel Essences) will be happy to help you clear away old patterns or lingering issues that are still creating problems.  As well as taking the essence on the tongue you could also put a few drops of either of these essences into an atomiser with a little mineral water and use it as a space cleanser in your home or office with very good effect.

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