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Essence suggestions for November

Essences The challenge for all of us at this critical time is to be able to maintain strong energetic foundations that enable us to stay calm and balanced and in our hearts no matter what is going on around us. We can often feel that we have achieved this balance only to find the rug pulled from under our feet by an unexpected trigger in our outer world. There seem to be many of these triggers manifesting for all of us right now and while they are to be welcomed as something that will ultimately make us stronger we know how challenging they can feel at the time. The source of the problem is often to be found in the emotional body, which is still resonating with some old long forgotten issue. Strong emotion of one kind or another is often what surfaces when these old issues are unexpectedly triggered, so we thought we would start by reminding you of a few particularly helpful combinations from our Core Emotions Set (Divine Harmony Essences). Our old friend fear sits at the root of so many uncomfortable issues so lets start with Inner Calm, a powerful combination to help clear and transform deeply held fears. Anger and resentment are two other very powerful emotions that have the ability to take you right out of your beautifully balance heart space. If you find yourself in need of help with either of these emotions then Inner Peace (anger) or Self Responsibility (resentment) are for you. Another very difficult emotion that seems to be coming up for many people right now is a deep feeling of guilt and responsibility for something that they have no conscious memory of. If you resonate with this then you would find a bottle of Forgiveness very helpful. For those who find themselves over emotionally polarised in a more general way we can thoroughly recommend a bottle of Emotional Body (Light Body Essences)to help promote greater harmony and balance in your life. Anyone who would like some help with accepting and integrating the new feminine goddess energies this month will find a Female Essence (Divine Harmony Essences) very supportive. Either Inner Unity (Divine Harmony Essences) or Integration (Light Body Essences) will promote greater integration between the inner feminine and masculine energies. An open heart is essential if we are to stand firm in our love, light and spiritual power so we will just remind you to engage the help of a Heart Chakra combination (Chakra Essences) or Love (Inner Child Essences) should you be in need of support in this area. Flower Lastly we will leave you with a reminder of one of our favourite essences when we feel in need of some wonderful nurturing feminine energy since it seems so universally applicable this month; Divine Mother (Archangels & Ascended Masters Essences). Enjoy!
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