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Suggestions for March

Chakra Essences No matter where we are in the world we will all feel the effects of the recent upheaval and turbulence in our planets foundational structure. Our interconnectedness with the earth means that our own foundations have also been shaken, which can leave us feeling unusually fearful, unsettled and ungrounded. Also when the magnetic grids of the earth become disrupted it affects our own magnetic fields, which normally work in harmony with those of the earth to keep us grounded and balanced. Feeling unusually ungrounded, fearful, emotionally wobbly or having difficulty sleeping are all symptoms that tell us that some realignment is required. So with this in mind let’s start with some essences to help rebalance our connection with the earth. Many people will find that a 25ml Base Chakra combination (Chakra Essences) will be very beneficial to restore security and grounding this month. Others may find that an Earth Star combination (Rainbow Light Body Essences) is just what they need to help rebuild energetic foundations. For those that are particularly traumatised either because they have been directly affected by recent events or are finding that unconscious issues have been triggered then we suggest that you start with either Feeling Safe (Divine Harmony Essences) or Mother Earth (Inner Child Essences) as either of these will help to clear the effects of fear and trauma from your energy field. In addition Gem essences like Copper, Cuprite, Magnetite & Loadstone are an excellent resource to help balance our own magnetic field and realign it with those of the earth. Staying emotionally balanced and connected with our own inner truth will be important for all of us this month. If you find it difficult to be emotionally detached in either challenging personal situations or in difficult situations affecting others then one of the following essences might be very helpful; Solar Plexus combination (Chakra Essences), Emotional Balance combination (Divine Harmony Essences) or Emotional Body essence (Rainbow Light Body Essences). Auric Protection or Letting Go (Divine Harmony Essences) could also be supportive for some. Last but definitely not least here are a few suggestions for essences that can help us to maintain that all-important flow of coherent, focussed loving energy. Some of the most powerful and coherent energy is that associated with unconditional love and gratitude. When we feel in need of support in this area some of our favourite essences are Thankfulness (Divine Harmony Essences), Unconditional Love (Rose Collection), Gratitude or Love (Inner Child Essences). We can also thoroughly recommend Fuchsia (Karmic Essences) for those difficult days when powerful emotions are temporarily blocking the heart and you need help to release them in order to recover your equilibrium and balance. See also The Power of Coherent Energy for more information.
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