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Suggestions for January 2010


Vibrational essences are of course a wonderful way to work on old unconscious patterns and the fragmented parts of yourself that are in need of love and reintegration. The correct essence combination can very quickly adjust your vibrational frequency and help you to recognise any issues that are blocking your way forward.

Fear is perhaps the most potent energy that we all carry and the one that will most quickly pull us out of a positive vibrational alignment, so lets start with some reminders of essences to help transform our fears. For many people fear and anxiety is an undercurrent emotion that runs through all of their life experiences, often quite unconsciously. Obviously the more conscious you can become of how this energy affects your life the easier it will be to recognise and change its hold over you. In this situation it will be extremely helpful to include Mimulus, Rock Rose, Aspen and Cherry Plum in your Bach Flower Remedy combinations on a regular basis for a while. In addition either Inner Calm (Divine Harmony Essences) or Courage (Inner Child Essences) will be powerfully transformative for deeper levels of buried fear.

Fear is also stored in the base chakra where it contributes to feelings of anxiety and fear around survival and prevents us from being fully grounded and present in our lives. In this case a Base Chakra combination (Chakra Essences) would also be very helpful. Feeling Safe (Divine Harmony Essences) or Peace (Inner Child Essences) might also be very supportive combinations for some working with this issue.

Doubt and lack of self-value, as well as lack of self-confidence will also seriously affect our ability to follow through with new goals and intentions. If you need support with any of these issues then one of the following combinations will be just what you need to reset you vibrational alignment  – Inner Certainty, Feeling Worthy or Confidence (Divine Harmony Essences).

In our experience criticism and judgement, particularly when turned against ourselves, can be extremely disrupting energies. Falling into judgement automatically takes us out of our hearts and into polarity consciousness, where we loose our ability to see the higher perspective of life. For anyone needing support with this issue we can thoroughly recommend a bottle (or two!) of Inner Freedom (Divine Harmony Essences).

We all need help from time to time to keep our hearts open so we thought we would just remind you again of how helpful either a Heart Chakra (Chakra Essences) or Love (Inner Child Essences) can be with this issue.

Last but not least for those who would like to promote greater alignment with their soul then either Soul Connection (Divine Harmony Essences) or Soul Gifts (Inner Child Essences) might be for you.

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