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As we all know strongly transformational energies can sometimes feel overwhelming at a personality level as we feel the pressure for change building up inside of us. This can be particularly so when we are under the influence of the fiery energy of Aries with its tendency to demand rather than coerce change. The energy of Aries strongly influences the mind, so for many this month this could bring a focus on outmoded thoughts and beliefs that need to be released. In view of this we thought that we would start with some essence suggestions centred around this issue. For anyone wanting to work at a deep level with outmoded thought patterns this month either Mental Body (Rainbow Lightbody Essences) or Clarity (Divine Harmony Essences) would be an ideal starting place. If you find yourself in need of support to calm your lower mind, then it might be good to start with a Solar Plexus combination (Chakra Essences) as this is the centre most often affected by an overactive lower mental body. Some may find that White Chestnut and/or Cherry Plum (Bach Flower Remedies) would be an additional support to create greater clarity and focus.

At one level or another we are all feeling the impulse to connect more deeply with our soul and spiritual family. For many this first manifests as a feeling of enhanced isolation and separation as we face up to the defences and barriers that we have unconsciously created to keep us ‘safe’ from others. This seems to be a common theme for many at the moment so here are a few suggestions for essences to help move past this old space. A Heart Chakra combination (Chakra Essences) would make a very good starting place for this issue, which could then be followed up by either Open to Receive, Healing Relationships (Divine Harmony Essences) or Water Lily (Karmic Essences). Many of our deepest and often unconscious patterns about relationships with others are set in place during our formative years through the interactions of family life. It is well worth remembering that how we have learned to interact with those around us will unconsciously influence how we extend ourselves out to our spiritual family. In other words any defences or barriers that we have created will still be operating until they are recognised and released. With this in mind many people might find it helpful to work with a bottle or two of Healing Family (Divine Harmony Essences) or Family (Inner Child Essences) to help heal old patterns created in childhood. For some Forgiveness, Self-Acceptance or Feeling Worthy (Divine Harmony Essences) might be helpful to follow on with.

For those who would like support to increase their connection with their soul and soul family then we can thoroughly recommend one of the following essences: Soul Connection (Divine Harmony Essences), Soul Gifts (Inner Child Essences) or Soul Star (Rainbow Lightbody Essences). Also helpful for some might be Inner Wisdom or Inner Unity (Divine Harmony Essences).

Last but not least we are aware of just how important it is for us all to stay grounded and connected with the Earth and also how difficult that can sometimes be, so we will just remind you to refer back to the essence suggestions that we gave you last month, The Power Coherent Energy, if you feel in need of support with this issue.

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