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Essence Suggestions – December 2015

Essences to help with the Energies through December

Clarity Essence

Clarity Essence

The Clarity Essence is a really helpful combination to promote clarity of thought and the ability to be objective. Its good for when you find yourself prone to mental confusion, perhaps feeling unable to ‘see the wood for the trees’ or link issues together with a sense of clarity. Its helps to dissolve confused, muddled thinking and expand perspective.

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There are some very intense energies around this month that will require careful navigation for each of us at a personal level – see our blog post Spiritual Crisis in Sagittarius for more information on this.

So with this situation in mind let’s take a look at some essence combinations that might be particularly supportive over the coming few weeks.

Firstly, Sagittarian energy brings a spotlight to the power of thought, in particular to the quality and purpose of our thoughts. If we are to focus on the clarity and vision available from the higher mind this month we will need to be mindful of any less than positive thought forms that might obscure the view. A really helpful essence to assist with transforming low frequency beliefs and old buried thought forms is the Mental Body essence from the Lightbody Essences. This is a powerful combination that will quickly help you see beyond the limitation of old ideologies and beliefs.

There is potential this month for us to feel somewhat lost and confused about what we actually believe as old concepts and ideologies become more fluid in the energies of the Saturn Neptune square. This might particularly be the case if our faith is rooted in something or someone outside of ourselves. In this situation choose either the Inner Certainty; transforming doubt or Faith combinations to help you transform doubt and uncertainty so that you can move on. For anyone experiencing confusion and an inability to see the proverbial ‘wood for the trees’ this month we suggest either Clarity; releasing confusion or Clarity & Perspective Spray to help. There is also a potential for some people to encounter that debilitating state where all inner resolve seems to disappear leaving us feeling weak and unfocussed. If this is your experience this month then the Inner Strength; restoring inner resolve combination is the one for you.

Staying connected with our soul vibration will also be important this month as it is this more than anything else that will help us to see past the illusion to a greater vision of truth and light. We can experience our soul vibration most clearly when we move fully into our heart space. Here in the stillness we can best know what is true for us and the next action that we need to take, regardless of anything that might be going on around us. Heart Connection Spray; living in love, Energetic Alignment Spray; soul connection, Inner Wisdom; connecting heart & mind, and Soul Connection; enlightenment are all combinations that can help you to deepen your connection with your soul vibration. They each have a slightly different focus so do check them out to discover which will best support you.

Lastly here is a reminder of three of our Pure Vibrations Sprays that might be particularly helpful this month.  Strength & Courage; overcoming fear for speedy removal of any lurking fears that might come into awareness, Angelic Gifts; friends in high places to help you connect with the wisdom of the Angel within and Positive Vibrations; cleansing negativity to keep your energy fields sparking clear and ready for the opportunities that 2016 will bring forward.


Choosing An Essence – If there is a specific issue that you would like help with that has not been mentioned above, why not try our Essence Selector or give us a call/ email?




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