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BeechEven though the weather may still be somewhat wintry as January gives way to February, the daylight hours are perceptibly longer and the first spring flowers are shyly coming forth in our gardens. Everywhere we look there are signs that nature is beginning to awake from its winter slumber. During the coming month we will no doubt find ourselves out in the garden clearing away the remnants of last years plantings and removing those persistent weeds that seem to be able to grow no matter what the season or weather conditions, in order to prepare the ground for planting our seeds later in the spring. A few hours spent in the garden amongst the peace and tranquillity of nature in this way can be very cathartic for our own inner process as well as beneficial for our gardens! It can be a helpful space in which to contemplate what still needs weeding out at an emotional level to allow the seeds that you planted at New Year to grow into healthy plants. Often what causes our carefully planted seeds of manifestation to wither and die before they can flower in all their glory, are old buried emotions and related mental patterns that sit beneath the level of our every day consciousness and subtly undermine our best endeavours at manifestation, in exactly the same way that seeds planted in the garden cannot flourish if they are planted in soil that is full of old buried rubbish. Weeding your emotional garden So February is an ideal month to spend time in your own emotional garden carefully selecting those emotions that are worth cultivating and gently exploring and transforming those that no longer serve you. Each time we make a choice to weed out an old emotional response and chose a new one we confirm our choice of aligning with our higher self and strengthen our connection to our own inner light, creating that all important stability in our core emotions. Perhaps one of the most insidious weeds that we can unearth in our emotional garden is that thorny and often carefully concealed issue of our own self-value. If we do not believe that we are worthy enough to receive the fruit from our carefully planted seeds then it will be very difficult for it to fully materialise. However, so many of us carry scars from previous lifetimes where we have judged ourselves as lacking in some way or perhaps believed that it is unspiritual to have worldly possessions that this is an issue that now needs careful review if we are to fully manifest our potential. Sometimes this emotional belief in our own lack of value is so cunningly concealed behind a front of false bravado that it is difficult to spot. Other emotional issues often closely connected to this one are feelings of despair and lack of tolerance. Essences to help So to help with your emotional weeding this month we have chosen to highlight the three deep acting Combinations for Self Treatment that will help with the transformation of these three specific Core Emotions beginning with the issue of self value. Self Esteem Transforming Unworthiness If we do not receive enough nurturing and a positive image of ourselves from our parents in childhood it can be difficult to recognize our own innate value and self worth for ourselves when we grow up. This leads to feelings of ‘never being good enough’, or not being OK in some way. The personality can develop defense mechanisms such as a need to be right or a need to feel ‘better than’ others in order to feel comfortable. When to use – Where there is a problem with self-nurturing, or deep feelings that they are not as good as others. People who easily feel inferior or are very sensitive to criticism would also find this combination helpful. Other indications might be an unexplainable sense of incompleteness. Inner Joy Transforming Despair Despair and despondency are emotions that can be created when the personality has closed itself away from the light of the Soul. Deeply traumatic experiences that overwhelm the personality can sometimes result in the choice to close parts of ourselves away, which we are then reluctant to open up again in later incarnations. To reconnect with our own innate inner joy we must first release those feelings of despair and despondency that we carry at a deep unconscious level. These feelings can cover many states of mind & emotion ranging from a mild flat feeling to a big black hole of despair from which there seems no way out. This combination will help you to unravel and release the deep-seated patterns that contribute to these feelings. When to use – This combination will help and support anyone who has forgotten how to access their own inner joy and light. It will help to dissolve lower emotions like despair and hopelessness releasing the block to the natural flow of higher emotions like joy and happiness. Tolerance Transforming Intolerance The energy of tolerance in its unbalanced form carries the potential for us to be both judgmental and critical either of others or ourselves. Intolerance is another very common emotion since we live in a society that strongly identifies with the polarities of ‘right’ & ‘wrong’. For most of us this patterning was reinforced by our upbringing in childhood. However seen from a higher perspective judgment simply holds us in polarity consciousness and stifles our spiritual growth. Extending tolerance to ourselves by opening our hearts allows us to recognize that there is no right or wrong way to do things but simply a choice in each moment of how we express our own uniqueness. As we allow this freedom of expression within ourselves it becomes easier to extend it to others. When to use – This would be a very good combination for those who wish to transform a strong ‘inner critic’ or who find themselves easily getting caught up in situations of judgment or criticism. Anyone who fears the judgment of others or feels easily criticised would also find this combination helpful. The energy of intolerance creates inflexibility both mentally and physically so difficulties in either of these areas would indicate a need for this combination. We wish you all every success with your emotional gardening and remind you to contact us if need further help or support on your journey! Core Emotions Part One Core Emotions Part Two Core Emotions Part Three
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