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Creativity & Individuality: Essence Review for the Creativity Essence

Creativity Combination

Each of us is a unique individual with our own creativity and individuality to offer to the world – our part of the Divine Plan. However our ability to tap into and use this flow of creative energy to the full very much depends upon the level of permission we grant ourselves to express our own individuality and creativity. Many a great idea has become lost in a suffocating layer of old patterns that prevented the necessary action from being taken when the opportunity presented itself.

If we can simply remember that the means to manifest an inspirational idea sits right alongside the idea itself in the same vibrational frequency, our ability to create will be greatly enhanced. So often however, when we receive an inspired flow of ideas that resonate strongly in our hearts, we immediately reference the logical mind for ideas as to how to manifest that creation. Nothing wrong with the logical mind, but it will certainly limit your field of possibilities because it can only reference past experiences and old patterns that generally have a lower vibrational frequency than your creative inspiration requires. This response in itself is an old pattern that has been very deeply instilled by our current educational systems that teach us to trust logic over intuition. In addition few people have been encouraged to recognise, value and express their unique creativity fully as a child, a situation that generally leaves us confused and disillusioned about our creative abilities.

Since this is a very common, not to mention frustrating experience for many at the moment, we have decided to focus this month’s essence review on our Creativity combination.

The Creativity Combination

Creativity – restoring individuality is a deep acting combination of Flower, Gem & Crystal essences that has been specifically formulated to help release old belief patterns and suppressed emotions that act as a block to the free flow of creative energies. Blocked creativity can manifest in many ways. Most obviously it can be seen as a tendency to feel disconnected from your creativity or to struggle to manifest creative ideas in the world. However, it can also manifest as a difficulty in expressing ones individuality, withdrawnness, an inability to take action, undue conformity to a perceived ‘norm’ or a need for external permission.


Creativity is an excellent combination for anyone who resonates with any of these states. It will act quickly and effectively to shift underlying belief patterns and transform old emotions, leaving you free to express your natural individuality and creativity in the world.

The Creativity combination is part of the Divine Harmony Essence range and if you feel that you’d like to try a bottle you can find it in the Flower Essence Shop here, or you can call us on 01379 608059 ( ++44 1379 608059 ).


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