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Changing Realities

Mother Earth As we move into October change seems suddenly to be all around us. Nature is already beginning to glow with autumn colours, which together with the sudden drop in temperature reminds us that the seasonal change into winter is just around the corner. However the most dramatic changes taking place are those which affect the very foundations of our everyday reality that have been happening with such incredibly speed over the last few weeks. As we watched the recently unfolding events in the worlds financial markets the reality of the scale of change required for us all to create a new world hit home with a clarity that was both inspiring and challenging. It is inspiring to see just how quickly everything based on unsustainable foundations can begin to crumble in the light of the new grid patterns that were anchored in August. At the same time its challenging to find ways to stay focused on creating the new while the old is so rapidly falling away. As a result of these changes we all currently find ourselves in the interesting space of walking between two worlds, the old one that is breaking down and the new one that as yet has no obvious structure at an everyday level of reality. The challenge will be to ensure that we are awake and aware enough to stay focused on the new rather than get pulled back into the old paradigm.

Flexibility and Foundations

Flexibility will therefore be an important key word for us over the coming months. Like a large tree in a storm we must learn to rely on our own roots deep in Mother Earth to keep us grounded and to provide secure foundations, while at the same time having the flexibility to allow our branches to move with the forces of the winds of change to avoid the risk of being uprooted. In common with all the natural world, trees interact with nature in each moment, if the wind blows they move with it and when it rains they gratefully soak up the gift of water into their huge root system to sustain themselves until it rains again. In the same way we can best weather the coming times of change by learning to stay exactly in each moment and to respond rather than react to events around us.

Staying Focused in the Heart

“The more we can stay focused in the heart the easier it will be for us to distinguish our free flowing feelings from the pull of old emotional patterns.” The key to this is the ability to focus in the heart and to be extremely mindful of the messages that our intuition and physical senses are providing us with in each moment. The more we are able to do this the easier it will be for us to distinguish our free flowing feelings from the pull of old emotional patterns which will take us back into the old paradigm. It will be especially important that we allow old emotional patterns to release as they are triggered rather than give in to the temptation to wallow in them. Remembering to focus in our heart and to connect with the perspective of our soul will create a pathway that will act rather like those wooden pathways that are created through swampy lands. So long as we stay on the path and do not indulge in stepping into the swamp we will continue to release ourselves from the backward pull of old emotions with ease and grace. It is also helpful to keep in mind that as we are all connected into the collective consciousness of humanity the pull into the swampy pool of collective human emotions could be quite seductive if we are not careful to stay firmly in our hearts and connected to our own guidance. Most importantly, each time we succeed in this we are making a valuable contribution to the clearance of that collective swampy pool and making it easier for everyone to move forward. Archangel Essences

Vibrational Essences

Vibrational essences really are amazing tools to help us rise to the challenge of the moment so lets take a look at some that might be of particular assistance over the coming month. We can all do with some extra help sometimes to stay focused in the heart and so we would like to start with a reminder of how helpful it can be to take a Heart Chakra Combination every now and again. Each time you take a combination like this one it helps to release and transform the next layer of issues that you are ready to work with, which in this case will guide you deeper into your own heart centre. Unconditional Love from the Rose Collection Combinations or Love from the Inner Child Essences would also help with this. Our other important point of focus this month is that of staying in the now moment. Being Present from the Combinations for Self Treatment is an excellent combination to help pull you right into the present moment. This can be a very illuminating combination to take as it really highlights for you the situations in which you tend to drift off from the present moment.  The Earth Star from the Light Body Essences or a Base Chakra Combination from the Chakra Essences would also help with this issue. A great support for many will be the Inner Strength combination from the Combinations for Self-Treatment, which is a great assistance for those who need help to gather their inner forces together and to maintain their determination and strength. For those who find themselves adversely affected by the attitudes and emotions of others then an Auric Protection combination from the Combinations for Self-Treatment will be invaluable. This combination helps to strengthen the auric field, which provides protection from others strong emotions and allows you to define your emotions from that of others more clearly. Since fear is a very predominant emotion for us all in times of change we will just remind you that either Inner Calm from the Combinations for Self-Treatment or Courage from the Inner Child Essences would greatly help you to move easily through any fears that might be triggered off. Last but not least we would like to invite you to call on the unfailing assistance of the Angelic Realms with one of our own favourite essences; Violet Flame from the Archangels & Ascended Masters Essences. The Angels of the Violet Flame are always available to assist us when we ask for help to clear away old patterns. Use this essence to focus this amazingly powerful energy to help transform your life.
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