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The month of February brings with it the festival of Imbolc, marking the midway point between the winter and spring equinoxes. This Celtic fire festival celebrates the returning of the light and the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere, this year on February 3rd. Tradition has it that as the light strengthens so does the cold and this has certainly been the case this year.

The beginning of February marked the end of the three-week introspective period of retrograde Mercury, bringing a change of energy and a feeling that the year was at last under way.

February also brings us a powerful full moon eclipse on February 9th completing the cycle that was opened by the new moon eclipse at the end of January. Although this eclipse will not be visible to us in Western Europe we will still feel its potent energy helping us to dig deep into our unconscious.

The Power of the Individual

We were reflecting the other day on just how important it is for each of us to recognise the power that we have as individuals to influence the immense changes taking place in our world. It can be all too easy to feel powerless and afraid if we look at world events from the everyday perspective of our mainstream media, so we thought that this month it would be good to remind each other of what the truth really is.

At a level beyond our current everyday awareness we are all connected together and co create our reality through our collective consciousness. The changes that are currently taking place are happening as a result of our rapidly rising consciousness and our collective choice to manifest a new reality based on the understanding of life as a loving and interconnected whole. We are each a part of this change and influence it in each moment through our thoughts & feelings as well as the choices that we make of how to live our lives. There are many who are suffering pain and upheaval as a result of the unravelling of our old world, and it is important that we hold them in our hearts and not allow ourselves to be pulled into the all too easily generated collective fear.

Connecting with your Heart

Take a moment each day to connect with your heart and to feel the love and power of the One Heart to which we all belong. Allow it to guide you to review your beliefs about the source of your material abundance and prosperity. As the economic turmoil increases in our world it is vital that we each look at the thoughts and feelings that we contribute to the collective consciousness about this issue. From the perspective of the One Heart our abundance flows to us through our connection with Source and February’s energy will hold us firmly in that loving connection enabling us to more easily release old patterns of poverty consciousness.

The power that we each have to make change could not be better expressed than in the often quoted words of Mahatma Ghandi; ‘Become the change that you want to see in the world’. We will be doing our best to this month to do just that.

As always here are a few suggestions for essences that might offer us all particularly valuable support over the coming weeks.

How well we deal with our own fears will determine the quality of our input into the collective reality as well as our ability to see the bigger perspective on any situation in our lives, so lets start with some essences to help with facing and transforming fears. A good place to start here would be either an Inner Calm combinations from the Divine Harmony Essences, Courage from the Inner Child Essences or a Pink Rose from the Karmic Essences. Fears about material security and abundance tend to get stuck in the base chakra so a Base Chakra combination from the Chakra Essences might be a helpful combination to follow one of the above.

Almost all of us have some degree of poverty consciousness patterning so here are some essences that can help transform these old beliefs. Either an Open to Receive from the Divine Harmony Essences, Prosperity from the Inner Child Essences or the Angel of Abundance from the Angel Essences would be helpful here. More generally a Heart Chakra from the Chakra Essences or Gratitude from the Inner Child Essences would also help to unlock your natural flow of abundance.

If you feel that you would like more specific help to choose the essences to help you then do please contact us, we will be happy to offer you the benefit of our knowledge and experience.

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