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Balance & Detachment

Bleeding Heart September has arrived, offering us a last brief taste of summer before we reach the autumn equinox later in the month. Of course as we celebrate the autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere, those in the southern hemisphere celebrate their spring equinox creating a moment of natural balance and equilibrium in the world. Balance is certainly something we all may feel in need of after the almost breathless haste of the influx of new energies that arrived all through the month of August. During August new grids of energy were anchored into the energy fields of Mother Earth and into the energy fields of those lightworkers who had agreed to be a part of this process of change. These new grids set into place new patterning that we can all draw upon to help us recreate the foundations of our world between now and the December Solstice of 2012.

Change and the Collective Consciousness

“It is much easier to let go of the old provided we choose to stay in our centre and allow the process of change to take place with ease and grace”.

We are sure that you will all have experienced the subtle and not so subtle shifts that this process has set in motion for us all recently. On the one hand there is a renewed pressure for change on everything and anything that does not align with the new patterning. While on the other hand there is the great gift that it is also much easier to let go of the old provided we choose to stay in our centre and allow the process of change to take place with ease and grace. Each time we do this we are not only helping to change ourselves but also to anchor the changes into the collective consciousness so that it becomes easier & easier for others to change too. Over the last few weeks particularly, we have noticed that we are all being gently guided to stay in our hearts and to observe from this place anything that we are holding onto that still attaches us to old patterns of behaviour. We have discovered that as we do this we become aware of the situations in which a greater degree of detachment is required or perhaps where we are unconsciously taking on others responsibilities or not fully standing in our own power. By simply detaching, letting go and refocusing from the greater perspective of the heart we have experienced some very positive movement around us in a very short time.

Detaching from Expectations

One of the things that we have recognised more clearly through this process is the importance of detaching from any expectations we might have about the form a desired manifestation might take. We had the interesting experience recently of being presented with something that we thought we wanted to manifest and recognising that it was no longer what we needed as it was based on old expectations that were not actually for the highest good of the situation. Choosing to bless it and let it go has been a big lesson in trust and detachment. It seems that the emphasis for everyone over the coming few weeks and months will be learning to focus in the heart and to bring a greater balance to the issues of the solar plexus chakra so that we can all contribute to a more heart based reality. Of course sometimes this will feel challenging especially since such an enormous change in focus will inevitably bring about a process of much needed change in our world. However, the very best way that we can assist with this change is to remember to stay focussed in our hearts and connected to our own higher purpose through our inner guidance. We will be assisted in this inner process later this month when the planet Mercury enters a retrograde phase beginning on September 24th. During this time, while communications in the outer world can be rather muddled and confused our ability to go within and work with any hidden issues that we might have is enhanced.

Getting some Help – Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences

Here are a few suggestions for essences that might be particularly helpful over the next month or so. Lets start with a reminder of how valuable the Chakra Combinations can be to provide a helpful focus and support. Many of the old patterns that we are all working with relate to blocked energies in the Solar Plexus Chakra. If you have difficulty balancing your personal power, defining your boundaries or staying detached, particularly in emotionally sensitive situations this combination might be a good place to start. Anyone needing help to stay focussed in the heart would certainly find a Heart Chakra combination a valuable support to create more stability in this area. With such a big emphasis on detachment and letting go around us, many people will find great help and support from our old favourite; Letting Go from the Divine Harmony Essences. Release or Freedom from the Inner Child Essences would also help with these issues. In times of change we can all feel in need of some extra assistance so we invite you to choose one of our Archangels and Ascended Masters Essences to help you focus on the help that you need. You might like to call in Archangel Michael to help you to cut any unhealthy ties and to find the strength and courage to move forward or maybe invite Archangel Uriel to assist you anchoring the vibrations of peace within your heart. If you would like help with creating more unconditional love and forgiveness in your life why not attune to the energies of Lord Sananda (Jesus) for help. Then there is our particular favourite at the moment; Divine Mother. Use this essence to help you bring forward and integrate the all-important energies of your Divine Feminine aspect, which is so needed to help create balance in our world at this time. On that note we wish you a month of inner balance & equilibrium and send you much love with the reminder to contact us if you need further help or support on your journey!
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