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A Date with Pink Rose

Pink Rose

Pink Rose is one of the Karmic Essences and relates to Dr Bach’s ‘Fear Group’ of Bach remedies. For those of you who are not familiar with Pink Rose yet, here is what it helps with…

“Fearful and traumatic experiences have been a part of life on Earth for thousands of years and many people still have the emotional memory of these experiences locked away in their unconscious. Pink Rose will help to unlock these old memories and transform the crystallised energy that has collected around the issues. Once the root cause has been brought into the light of awareness, it is much easier for us to recognise the lesson attached to the original experience and to overcome the fear.”

A Date with Pink Rose….

You can find a fascinating and insightful look at Pink Rose in a new article entitled – “A Date with Pink Rose” by Maureen. The article looks at Maureen’s experiences of taking Pink Rose and the results that she achieved. Was the date worth it? Absolutely! …. “A Date with Pink Rose”

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