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Flower & Gem Essence Suggestions – Staying Focused in the Present

Essence Suggestions to help with the Energies through January & More

Base Chakra Essence

Base Chakra Essence

The Base Chakra Essence works with fears and insecurities related to safety and survival. Difficulties with ‘grounding’, staying present, disorientation, disorganization, indecision, lack of vitality, difficulty dealing with the pressures of life or fully manifesting creative ideas are all indications for this Essence.

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Staying Focused in the Present

This month’s essence suggestions explore some combinations that can assist us to stay more focussed in the present moment.

Creating Your Foundations

In our 24/7, always on digital world, it can be all too easy to become so disorientated and distracted that we forget how to connect with ourselves and the natural world. In this state, it is very easy to become so ungrounded that we feel as though we have no foundation to rely upon anymore. If you are always running ahead of yourself, forgetting things or generally feeling disconnected from life then strengthening your grounding might be a good starting place. Choose either a Base Chakra combination, Mother Earth or Earth Star to help reconnect you with your roots and rebuild your foundations.

Feeling Safe in the World

Spending a lot of time feeling ungrounded and disconnected from yourself can create a sense of insecurity and a general sense of unsafety about the world. In this situation either Inner Calm or Feeling Safe would be very supportive. For those who lack a sense of personal space and easily feel invaded by the energies of others, a Solar Plexus Chakra would also be very helpful to strengthen your foundation in the world.


Once we are feeling more secure in ourselves we can look to start consciously breaking the habit of living in either past or future time rather than the present moment. Either Being Present or Be Here Now would support you with this.

Opening Your Heart

A loving, open heart is essential if we are to be able to live fully in the present moment. Many people still struggle with this due to past painful memories buried deep in the heart chakra. Check out Heart Chakra, Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Healing Bereavement and Letting Go to see which combination would most help you to release and move on.

Connecting With the Presence of Your Soul

Finally, some combinations to help you connect more fully with the Presence of your soul self. Choose either I Am Presence, Soul Connection or Causal Body to help with this.



Choosing Your Essence – if there is a specific issue that you would like help with that has not been mentioned above, please use our Essence Selector or give us a call/ email for some help and advice.


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