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Trusting Life: Essence Review for the Feeling Safe Combination

Larimar Crystal

In this months essence review we felt that we would like to highlight an essence combination that might be of particular help to many people right now. 

Feeling Safe is a powerful combination of Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences that can help us to recognise and transform old patterns of fear and trauma that relate to our physical safety. Now you might well be asking ‘why would I want to do this’? We fully understand that what most of us want is to forget any old traumas that might have impacted our lives and find ways to keep ourselves safe in the future. However, in our experience these old experiences sow seeds that unconsciously direct our lives and affect our ability to live life to the full until they are brought into the light of awareness.

Many people live their lives through an unconscious undercurrent of fear that leaves them prone to feeling that life is unsafe in some undefined way, or that there is ‘something dreadful just around the corner’. Quite understandably these feelings make it very difficult to trust in the flow of life or to easily embrace change of any kind.

You might well imagine that it would be reasonably easy to identify the fearful or traumatic events that have created this patterning in the first place, however this is often not the case for several reasons.

Many of our most unconscious patterns are those that are handed on to us by our parents or primary care givers while we are very young. Often they are a part of the inheritance passed on to us through our genetic line. Also as young children we absorb information, feelings and beliefs straight into our unconscious mind without the ability to filter it that we develop in later life. Once we have collected the imprint in this way it is very easy for even the seemingly ordinary events of life to reinforce our inherited fears and establish them as ‘truths’ that we then carry forward unconsciously into later life and of course pass on in our turn.

If we take this a step further we can see that it is unlikely that any of our ancestors have escaped experiencing some of the more dramatic and trauma-creating events that life on earth has provided us with over the centuries. So in one way or another we all carry the imprint of fear and trauma associated with wars, violent abuse and natural disasters. It is not an uncommon experience for young children to be terrified of war, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires etc when they have absolutely no experience of these things at all. This is our collective imprinting system at work.

In the energy flow we are now experiencing on our planet many of these old patterns are currently being brought strongly into our awareness for release and transformation. This is of course a very positive process but can feel a little uncomfortable until we consciously recognise that this is what is actually happening. It is also important to keep in mind that until we have released any old fears that still vibrate in our own energy field it is all too easy for us to find ourselves resonating with the collective emotional body of humanity which still contains much fear in its data bank.

The Feeling Safe Essence

If you recognise any of these issues in yourself and would like some support to transform feelings of ‘unsafeness’ or old fears relating to survival, then the Feeling Safe combination might be just what you need to help.  In our experience it will very quickly help to restore greater balance & equilibrium, leaving you feeling stronger and more connected with your true self.

The Feeling Safe Combination is part of the Divine Harmony Essences range and you can find it on our in the Flower Essence Shop here, or you can call us on 01379 608059 ( ++44 1379 608059 ) to find out more.


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