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Moonstone Essence & Crystal


The beautiful Moonstone crystal has a pearly moon like luster and it has long been valued for its beauty and it’s energetic properties.

Historically the Romans used it in their jewellery and it has long been a sacred stone in India. Part of its beauty comes from its internal layers which  scatter light, creating a phenomenon known as adularescence – this is what gives Moonstone its shimmering, milky appearance. It is a member of the feldspar group of minerals.

Moonstone Essence

The beautiful light filled vibrations of Moonstone help to promote emotional wellbeing. This is an excellent essence to help calm, soothe and balance the emotional body particularly in situations of emotional upheaval. It also opens the heart chakra to expand awareness of the nurturing vibrations of unconditional love, which again aids emotional stability. Moonstone is useful for anyone, regardless of gender, who wishes to expand the intuitive, feminine side of their nature.

Moonstone is available as a single Essence:

Moonstone Essence

You can also find it in the following combinations:

Emotional Balance Essence
Restoring emotional stability

Solar Plexus Chakra Essence
Boundaries, Self Worth & Emotions

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