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Becoming Grounded – Being Present Essence Review

Being Present Essence - Grounding

Being Present Essence

Essence Range:
Divine Harmony Essences

How to Use:
Take four drops on the tongue 3 or 4 times a day
Full How to Use.

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Our focus for this month’s Essence Review is the Being Present combination from the Divine Harmony Essences.

I am sure that you will agree with us that by any standards this has been a particularly energy intensive week. Starting with the last hit of the Pluto Uranus square Monday/Tuesday, moving on to the solar eclipse this morning and with the vernal equinox still to come as we write, it has felt rather like being in a steadily building pressure cooker of complex energetics. This is an energetic cocktail that means business and while the effects can feel uncomfortable it can also be very productive provided that we flow with it without getting caught up in the old patterns that are pushing into awareness for release. The difficulty is that these old patterns are very much coming from the ‘bottom of the barrel’ and are often so unconscious that we can find ourselves experiencing uncomfortable resistance very quickly without even realising why.

One of the most important things that we can do to help ourselves through this situation is to try to stay firmly rooted in the present moment. Sounds simple, but as you have perhaps discovered for yourself not necessarily easy. Over lifetimes many of us have perfected the art of stepping out of our bodies in order to avoid things that at the time seemed scary or unmanageable in some way. When those same vibrations begin to surface again, as many of them have been recently, it can be very easy to slip right back into the same old habit of smartly exiting the body just enough to avoid the discomfort of feeling. Unfortunately this very action is enough to prevent the old energy from dissolving easily and quickly. This is because we simply have to be fully present and willing to feel and accept what is being revealed to us before we can move on. As with any habit you are trying to break once you have done it a few times it gets easier and easier. Very soon you will not even notice those things that you have been trying to avoid and will start to notice how much more you enjoy the beauty and opportunity of life because you are fully present to it.

The Being Present Essence

So for anyone feeling in need of some support to break the old habit of ‘side stepping life’ we suggest a bottle or two of our Being Present combination. This is a powerful combination of deep acting flower & gem essences specifically designed to help you stay grounded, focussed and fully in touch with the present moment. It is a valuable support for anyone feeling a little wobbly, unstable, ungrounded or spaced out. Also good for those that easily get caught up in an over active mind or who find it difficult to break the stress making patterns that keep them rushing madly from one thing to another in life, rather than simply stopping and feeling what they feel.

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