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Challenging Times

Centaury - Bach Flower Remedy

We were reflecting the other day on just how relentless the energetic push for transformation has seemed over the last twelve months and particularly since the beginning of this year. There was a time, not so long ago, when we experienced waves of transformational energy coming into our planet with calmer periods in between, allowing us space to integrate and adjust to new levels of light within our energetic systems.

Currently it seems that we do not have the luxury of this integration space, as we are sure that you will all have noticed. This is because Earth is now completely within the photon belt and we are therefore feeling its influence consistently rather than sporadically. Photons are high frequency light particles and you will remember that the photon belt was much talked about a few years back and that there were many predictions about what would happen when it finally reached earth. Well now we know!

Of course its purpose is to help us to increase our ability to hold high frequency light at both an energetic and physical level. The photon light is literally challenging everything that does not resonate with its level of vibration to change now! We are all feeling the effect of this as a constant and relentless pressure to align and integrate with the higher levels of ourselves. We can also see its effect in the world around us as everything that is based on lower frequency energies is beginning to crumble and drop away, leaving space for us to create something new in their place.

Getting Some Help…

While we all understand the importance of this process of change we can sometimes find ourselves needing some extra help to stay balanced and connected as we endeavour to anchor this high frequency light fully and to accommodate the personal changes that this process inevitably requires.

To this end we thought we would remind you all of the invaluable help that a well-chosen combination of Bach Flower Remedies can provide. These simple yet powerful remedies are a wonderful resource to help us maintain emotional and mental balance in our daily lives. We find that if we are going through an especially ‘wobbly’ time, making up a combination of appropriate Bach Flower Remedies and taking them often – sometimes as often as every 30 minutes – will soon have us back on course and able to see the higher perspective of what caused the wobbly moment.

For each of us the ‘appropriate combination’ will depend on how we respond to the challenges of life. Some might be prone to feel fear or worry while others experience doubt and uncertainty. Then there will be those who respond by becoming withdrawn, needy, ungrounded, angry or resentful. Most people find that at times of difficulty and challenge in their lives they experience a mixture of several of these states. Whatever is in your particular repertoire of thoughts and feelings you will find exactly the right remedies from Dr Bach’s wonderful ‘38’ Flower Remedies to help you return quickly to balance and harmony.

Mix Your Own Bach Flower Remedy Combination

So if you are feeling ‘energetically challenged’ and could use a little extra help right now why not check out our new Choose Your Own Bach Flower Combination page. Here you will find a brief description of each Bach Flower Remedy and the opportunity to order the combination of your choice. Please do contact us if you need help making your choices – we will be happy to offer you the benefit of our experience.

Bach Remedies

If you do not already have one you might find our full colour poster describing all 38 Bach Flower Remedies together with the linking Karmic Essence a valuable resource as well as an inspiring wall hanging for your living space.

We wish you a calm and balanced month full of insights and inspiration and send you all much love with the reminder to contact us if you need further help or support on your journey.


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